About Us

Our Mission

To help ease physical suffering in the human condition

Our Goal

To develop safe and effective cannabis based medications

Our Objective

To facilitate global collaborative R&D and trade of medical cannabis

The word Dvija is conceived from the communion of two Sanskrit words: “Dvi” from “Dvitiya” (meaning “two”), and “Ja” from “Janma” (meaning “Birth”).
Dvija is the concept that an entity is first born physically and at a later date is born a second time spiritually. 
After thousands of years, Cannabis is reaching Dvija in the global mainstream as phytoceuticals, now called “Medical-Cannabis”. 
Dvija Phytoceuticals was born from a common vision and purpose, to help people improve the quality of their everyday lives with medical-cannabis.
The diverse experience and global reach of Co-Founders, Vikram Mitra (Ayurvedic Cannabis Researcher and Co-Founder & former Director of HempCann Solutions , India), Stephen White (Entrepreneur and Founder of Cannassets Corp., Canada), and Dr. Gary Starr (Chief Medical Officer at FOCUS Standards and Co-Founder & former CMO of Leafline Labs, USA) provides a foundation of history & culture combined with the world’s leading science & technology. 
One of Dvija Phytoceutical’s primary goals has been to forward Mr. Mitra’s tireless efforts in India to develop a harmonic and synchronous view between the people, the medical community, and various governmental departments, in order to advance the scientific study of medical-cannabis and embrace its benefits. In 2016, the introduction of the Phytopharmaceutical drug programme and Act in India was a significant boost to his vision.
Dvija’s efforts have since expanded across the globe, establishing partners and ground operations in several strategic jurisdictions including Canada, USA, and Jamaica, and parts of Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Our Team

A convergence of experts across industries and geographies, our team brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the medical cannabis industry.
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Toronto, ON M5P 1S7
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